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Quality Policy  
Quality Improvement
Specialized Design
Systemized Data and Information
Main Operation
Plan design/principal operative design
Agency business for the approval or permission
Collecting information on order
Business relevant to various development works
Architectural design Team 1
Architectural design Team 2
Architectural design Team 3
Architectural design Team 4
Development work Team
Resident Supervision Team
Quality Policy  
Zero Demerit Marks for Insolvent Supervision
Securing 3 Merit Marks for the best Supervision
Main Operation
Totally responsible supervision
Control on process and quality
Various kinds of process and test
Technical consultation
Architectural supervision Team
Civil engineering supervision Team
Machinery supervision Team
Electric supervision Team
Communication supervision Team
Fire defense supervision Team
Quality Policy  
Design Capacity Improvement
Perfect Investigation and Analysis
Main Operation
Public survey
Engineering activities(soil quality, civil engineering, waterworks/drainage of road or airport, agricultural engineering, landscape, city planning, and civil engineering quality)
Maintenance of facilities
Design planning Team
Civil engineering structure Team
Road and apartment-house complex Team
Quality Policy  
Design Capacity Improvement
Perfect Investigation and Analysis
Main Operation
Basic survey for design and planning
Safety examination and consultation about various mechanical equipment, electric facilities, fire defense facilities, communication facilities, architectural structure, and the working facilities
Mechanical design Team
Electric design Team
Communication design Team
Safety examination Team
Business Field
Business facilities : IBS building, public office building, multiplex facilities, office building, etc.
Educational or exhibition facility : school, laboratory, library, art hall, Museum, etc.
Broadcasting/Communication facility : telephone office, broadcasting station, radar base, etc.
Housing and assembly facility : apartment, gymnasium, soccer field, zoo, etc.
Neighborhood living facility and Welfare facility : youth center rehabilitation center, etc.
Transportation/Distribution facility : bus terminal, railroad, subway, airport, wholesale market, etc.
Water resources facility : filtration plant, water supply plant, etc.
Environment facility : incineration facility, waste water disposal plant Safety examination and consultation about the facilities
Technical Certification Kinds
Air Conditioning & Refrigerating Machinery Professional Engineer
Construction Machinery Professional Engineer
Construction Machinery Facilities Professional Engineer
Forwarding & Electric Supply Professional Engineer
Construction Electric Facilities Professional Engineer
Information Communication Professional Engineer
Fire Service Facilities Professional Engineer
Construction Structure Professional Engineer
Air Conditioning & Refrigerating Machinery Engineer
Construction Facilities Engineer Construction Machinery Engineer
Electric EngineerElectric Construction Engineer
Electric Wireless EngineerElectric Wire Engineer
Fire Service Engineer (Machinery, Electric)
Architect Engineer
Quality Policy  
Designˇ¤Supervision's Point to Highest
Customer's Endless Satisfaction
Main Operation
Electric Equipment, Information Communication Equipment Basic Plan and Design
New Construction and Extend Construction Field Electric Equipment, Information Communication Construction and Supervision
Electric Fire Equipment Design
Electric Equipment Design Team
Information Communication Equipment Design Team
Electric Equipment, Information Communication Equipment Supervision Team
Main Operation
Make a Management's Basic Book for Structure Design and Spacification
- General Construction(Private Buildings and Goverment building include Apartment)
- Plant Construction(Paper Manufacture Factory, Chemistry Factory, Cement Factory, Power Station)
- Special Construction(Kind of Tower, Stact, Chimney, Silo)

Precision Safety Testing and Precision Examination
- Safety Examinatinal's Professional Coporation for Safety Management by Application of the rule(law)

Construction Field Support
- CM and Responsibility Supervision Servie by Construction Technology Management Rule

Quality Policy  
ZAdvanced CM Service
Main Operation
Management Service for Construction business
Our Department Provides the CM Service by well-educated and trained experienced Professional engineering who are as a leading project owner, designer, constructor and operator of capital facilities and technical, management system in korea.